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Want to paint your Rodzy?

We have original bodies with poor paint in need of repainting.
These are from Bob Cameron's original stash.

These are all original USA made parts from 60 years ago.
and we don't convert Nylint cars so don't ask.

This is what you get:
All new parts from 60+ years ago partially assembled.

Choice of .09 or .15 engine
Includes Original box, instructions, and bridle.

Everything to make a great, original Rodzy for only $389.99 plus shipping
VERY LIMITED SUPPLY --- Click to order .09 ---
Click to order .15

New poorly painted body.

You can strip or sand and repaint.

Some must be striped, others can be sanded.

Bob used Bondo spot glaze to fill some imperfections and then sanded and that may be needed on some of them.

You may get red, black, silver, blue or yellow parts and body/pan will probably not match in color.

New engine and drive train gears

tires with hubs
New fuel inlet collars in plain brass or nickel plating. If you do not specify we will send the nickel plated ones. The body you receive may have them installed but we will send new ones too

New tank and grille

neoprene fuel line, gaskets, screws

Then when your done you'll have a great looking new car in your favorite colors.
VERY LIMITED SUPPLY --- Click to order .09 --- Click to order .15

MECOA owns the rights to the Rodzy Tether Car

We have original parts for your car to put it in perfect original shape.

Click Here for a list of Rodzy Parts

Click Here for the Rodzy Instruction Manual

We still have these Nylint Display Models while supply lasts
Nylint Rodzy tether car
Non running display car

Only $89.99 for a Limited Time
That's a $10.00 savings
from the Reg Price of $99.99
Rodzy Car

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